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First, I am not a professional business man earning millions! I am just an university student who earns more than a normal university student and the way I earn is through the internet working hardly 2 hours a day or even less sometimes!

I know there are loads of surveys on the internet claiming to give you reqards upto $25 and they really do. But they will only pay you after you reach the minimum pay out money which is usually about $100 and that will take you ages! Also, there are survey websites which pay from $0.50- $5 per survey but again you have to wait a lot to get another survey to meet the minimum payout rate.

To be honest, I started with those surveys and got a cheque $6.40 from one but after spending a month! I was really annoyed as i spent a month on it and the return was $6.40. I could have easily earned that working on a shop!

Finally, I stopped this, thinking that money from internet wont work at all and these are all scams!

After many months, I thought of it again. Why are people doing it if there is no money on it? This led me to research about the ways to make money wisely.  Even today, I have been searching for ideas and new techniques.

Presently, I have found 2 websites where you get paid to complete offers. The offers are either small 1-2 minutes surveys or pages with few clicks! And the best thing is that , these website collect surveys and offers from all the websites and compile on their website so that we can complete all the offers from their website and they will pay you for doing the offers instead of other websites. So, if you complete offers of different websites through this website, instead of money going to other websites, the money is collected in this website. So after the minimum payout of about $10-$20, you can automatically be send a cheque!

I'll explain this nicely with the exmaple below!

There are five companies that do surveys and they are A, B, C, D and E. They all pay $1 to complete the survey and there is another website called GOOD that collects surveys from A, B , C, D and E and puts the surveys in the GOOD website. Now, you sign u to GOOD website and complete the surveys listed on the GOOD website. As there are 5 surveys, you will earn $5 dollars  and this will be collected in GOOD website instead of A, B , C, D or E. Since there are many companies, you will earn the minimum payout of GOOD website( usually $10) immediately and can get the cheque in the next month!

I hope I have explained you properly. If not , you can mail me straight away . Click here to mail me.

Below are the website like GOOD in the example, that collect surveys from other survey websites and put in their website:



Click the individual website above to know more.


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